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Pernilla the Wine Making Witch
Have you ever tasted mountain ash wine, bittersweet brandy, or partridge berry sherry?
With a few oak casks and a bit of magic, Pernilla creates these delicious libations. Much to the delight of her neighbors, none of these seems to be poisonous!

Pernilla stands 17 inches tall from the heels of her boots to the tip of her hat. Pernilla wears a cotton velveteen skirt and rayon blouse, as well as a pair of lace trimmed bloomers. Her boots are black ultrasuede, laced up from the toe to the ankle. She wears an olive cotton velveteen vest, hand embroidered with tiny flowers, and laced up the front. A black cotton velveteen cape and black ultrasuede hat with a black hatband complete her outfit.

Pernilla's body is black organic cotton filled with glass pellets and organic cotton; joints have been sewn at the knees and hips, as she is designed to sit, but she comes with a wooden stand, as well as a small wired backrest, for sitting.

Pernilla's face is bamboo felt over a clay "bone structure", and she has wired bamboo felt hands and arms. Pernilla's eyes are hand painted amber German glass and she has hand-dyed black flax hair. Her eyebrows and smile are hand embroidered.

Around her neck Pernilla wears a pewter grape pendant and she carries a broom. She carries a small handbag, decorated with glass beads.

(The exact Pernilla available is shown in the photograph. We use no molds for their faces, making each one truly one-of-a-kind. Pernilla, and all her accessories (with exception of her pewter spider charm), are made in our workshop. She is signed by the artists)


Pernilla - the Wine Making Witch
Price $350