Nordahl - Nisse (Norwegian Elf)

Nordahl lives in a wooden home by a small creek, an inlet to a sparkling high mountain lake of breathtaking beauty. Nordahl's home is not easy to reach, but between the rainbow trout, tall firs and cedars, and views down to the valley, the visit is well worth the distance!

Nordahl is 14" tall (12" when seated), as measured to the top of his head (not the top of his hat).

Nordahl is made from the most eco-friendly, beautiful materials we could find. Nordahl's soft naturally colored tunic is made from a woven material of hemp, linen, ramie and organic cotton. His pale checked yarn-dyed sleeves, knit hat and tassel, and canvas legs are all organic cotton.

Nordahl's boots and belt are made from an eco-friendly faux leather fabric called Pinatex. This beautiful material is sustainably made from pineapple fiber! From his belt hang two keys, one brass and one pewter.

Nordahl's travelling bag is made of hemp, and decorated with organic cotton yarns and braids. (It's fun to note that this delicate hand-dyed braid is made in South Carolina with an antique braiding machine and 13 strands of organic cotton yarn). It is filled with Maine Balsam.

Nordahl's face is bamboo felt. His beard is handmade from natural hemp fiber (creamy white). His eyes are hand blown and painted German glass. He is stuffed with a combination of recycled glass pellets and organic cotton stuffing. His arms are wired and his head turns. All of our dolls are 100% vegan.

Shipping Time: Nordahl will be shipped within 4 working days from order date.


A representative of Nordahl is shown in the photo above. We use no molds for our figures. Each face is handsculpted, one at a time, which means each face is slightly different and will not look exactly like the face in the photo. This is what makes each handmade doll unique.

Nordahl comes with a "Folklore of the Nisse" story tag and a felt-covered wire back rest. This allows him to sit upright on a shelf, without having to lean on anything. Click here for back rest image. (Please note that the dolls no longer come with cedar stumps.)

Price $135

Nordahl is currently sold out but will be returning to the website in early 2020. We will be sending out an email to our mailing list when Nordahl back.

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