Jesper - Small Nisse (9" Tall Norwegian Elf)

A representative of Jesper is shown in the photo above. We use no molds for our figures. We handsculpt each face, one at a time, which means each face is slightly different and will not look exactly like the face in the photo. This is what makes each handmade doll unique.

Jesper comes with a "Folklore of the Nisse" story tag, and a solid maple seat.

Jesper can't wait to start planting, for the phoebe has been singing her spring song for several weeks now, and the last frost has probably come and gone. There is no time to lose, and Jesper knows that the coming weeks will be very busy, tilling the ground and planting seed. But before he digs his first shovelful, Jesper takes a moment to sit on a stump, and survey his sleeping garden. How amazing, each new growing season is! He will start with beets!

Jesper's yarn-dyed cotton flannel tunic is lined with an organic cotton/linen fabric. His sleeves are yarn-dyed cotton. His hat, which is topped with an organic cotton yarn tassel, is cotton velveteen, trimmed with organic cotton yarn. His legs are also cotton velveteen. Jesper's boots are ultrasuede. A small pewter key hangs from his belt.

A small, color-grown organic cotton seed bag hangs around Jesper's shoulder. His bag is embellished with organic cotton yarns and a small glass bead. A tiny label reading "Beet seed" hangs from the bag, and tells you which crop Jesper will be busily planting for the day.

Jesper's face is bamboo felt. We sew his beard from natural hemp fiber (creamy white in color).
His blue eyes are hand blown and hand-painted German glass. He is stuffed with a combination of recycled glass pellets and organic cotton stuffing. His arms are wired. Unlike his larger cousins, his head does not turn.

Jesper comes with a solid pine seat. He is 9" tall (8" when seated), as measured from the top of his head (not the top of his hat) to the bottom of his boots. (View here the design details for the small nisse.)

All of our dolls are 100% vegan.

Price $95

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