Jack Frost

Jack Frost lives deep in the woods. As the days grow short and the nights long, this little old fellow springs into action. He works secretly, after dark, busily painting frost over every single thing he can think of. You'll probably never see him, but when the frost is on your window sill, you know that he's around!

Jack Frost is wearing a cotton velveteen tunic, embellished with handstitched opalite chips. He has cotton velveteen leggings and yarn-dyed cotton sleeves. His mittens are bamboo felt and his boots are sewn from ultrasuede. He is cinched at the waist by a belt made from brown ultrasuede. On his belt hangs a very tiny pouch that holds the glittery frost that Jack sprinkles about the cold lands - it magically refills with frost each time he empties it. His soft hat is sewn from undyed woven organic cotton, grown and woven in the USA, and finished with a handmade organic cotton tassel. On his hat are three small clear and silver glass drops. His arms and hat are wired. His body is filled with organic cotton batting, while his legs are filled with tiny glass pellets. His sparkling blue glass eyes were hand-blown in Germany and are set off by his yarn eyebrows. His outfit is scattered with hand-stitched patches.

Jack's face is hand sculpted using felt over clay. His hair and beard are made from natural hemp fiber. He is stuffed with a combination of recycled glass pellets and organic cotton stuffing. His arms are wired.

Jack is 14" tall (12" when seated), as measured from the top of his head (not the top of his hat) to the bottom of his boots.

All of our dolls are 100% vegan.


A representative of Jack Frost is shown in the photo above. We use no molds for our figures. Each face is handsculpted, one at a time, which means each face is slightly different and will not look exactly like the face in the photo. This is what makes each handmade doll unique.

Einar comes with a "Folklore of the Nisse" story tag and a felt-covered wire back rest. This allows him to sit upright on a shelf, without having to lean on anything. Click here for back rest image. (Please note that the dolls no longer come with cedar stumps.)

Jack Frost
Price $135

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