Bonde - Nisse (Norwegian Elf)

Bonde lives in a simple wood house, on the edge of a large meadow.   In the late spring and summer, the long grasses and wild flowers that cover the meadow, gently bend and sway to the little breezes and soft night winds that blow across them. They are not alone in their movement, however.  In a small garden beside the meadow, the farmer Bonde can be seen tilling and planting, watering and weeding, as he cares for the delicious vegetables he will share with his neighbors in the pleasant months to come.

Bonde is made from some of the most eco-friendly, beautiful materials we could find. Bonde’s soft, pale seafoam, tunic is made from a woven material of hemp, linen, ramie and organic cotton. His checked yarn-dyed sleeves, trimmed with organic cotton yarns, and his canvas legs are organic cotton. His boots and belt are made from an eco-friendly faux leather fabric called Pinatex. This beautiful material is sustainably made from pineapple fiber! From his belt hang two keys, one brass and one pewter.

Bonde's planting bag is made of linen and organic cotton, and decorated with organic cotton yarns. Small wooden seed stakes hang from his bag, named for the vegetable that will be planted that morning. It is filled with Maine Balsam.

Bonde's face is bamboo felt. His eyes are hand blown, hand painted German glass. His beard is handmade from natural flax fiber (grey). He is stuffed with a combination of glass pellets and organic cotton stuffing. His arms are wired and his head turns.

Bonde is 14" tall (12" when seated), as measured from the top of his head (not the top of his hat) to the bottom of his boots.

Bonde comes with a "Folklore of the Nisse" story tag.

All of our dolls are 100% vegan.

A representative of Bonde is shown in the photo above. We use no molds for our figures. Each face is handsculpted, one at a time, which means each face is slightly different and will not look exactly like the face in the photo. This is what makes each handmade doll unique.

For seating, Bonde comes with a felt-covered wire back rest. This allows him to sit upright on shelves, without having to lean on anything.



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